What Should Your Employment Contract Document Be Like?

In the article, an employment contract document is defined with a checklist of items that should be included in an employment contract. Some of these items are not known to most employers so it might be beneficial for you to know what they are before creating your own!

What’s in an employment contract document?

An employment contract document at businesssolutionshub.com.au/workplace/services/employee-entitlements can help you detail the terms and conditions of the employee’s employment. It includes job title, wage, hours of work, vacation time, sick days, and other benefits. The document should also state when the employee can be terminated, whether the employee can resign, and any severance pay or other benefits that may be owed to the employee.

The important information to include in your contracts

Your employment contract should include: 

-The name of the company and the names of the parties involved 

-The date of the agreement 

-The type of contract (full time, part-time, temporary, etc.) 

-The starting and ending dates of the contract 

-The salary for each party 

-The benefits that will be offered to each party (health insurance, 401k, vacation days, etc.) 

-A clause stating that any disputes between the parties will be resolved through binding arbitration 

-Any other provisions that are specific to the contract

There are a few things you should keep in mind when creating your employment contract document. First and foremost, make sure that all terms are clear and concise. Second, be sure to list any relevant rights and protections afforded to either party in the contract. Finally, be sure to have an effective termination clause in case something goes wrong between you and your employer.

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