Titanium Dioxide – An Overview

Titanium dioxide is a clear white substance used primarily as a vivid colorant in a wide array of common products. It also has a number of lesser-known qualities that make it a greatly useful and important ingredient in our battle to fight climate change and prevent skin cancer.

Prized for its ultra-white color, ability to scatter light, and UV resistance, titanium dioxide is a popular ingredient, appearing in hundreds of products we see and use every day, bringing significant benefits to our economy and overall quality of life. You can find titanium dioxide for sale to serve various purposes in the chemical industry.

What is titanium dioxide?

Titanium dioxide is a white inorganic compound, which has been used for around 100 years in a vast number of diverse products. It is dependent on it for its non-toxic, non-reactive, and luminous properties, which safely heighten the whiteness and brightness of many materials.

What is titanium dioxide used for?

Its ultra-white color, highly-refractive and UV-resistant properties make TiO2 enormously popular with both the industrial and consumer sectors, appearing in dozens of products that people use and see on a daily basis.

Beyond paints, catalytic coatings, plastics, paper, pharmaceuticals, and sunscreen, some lesser-known applications include packaging, commercial printing inks, other cosmetics, toothpaste, and food

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