Theme Park Master Planning

A feasibility study is the best place to begin if you are planning to build a theme park. The feasibility study will help you determine the market that your park will attract, how many people you can expect to see it, and what size park you should build.

If you want to build unique playgrounds for your park then a commercial indoor play design manufacturer can help you build and install gaming equipment and other fun areas into the park.

 Commercial Indoor Play Design

While there are many formulas that we use to do these studies, the final result is Design Day. The Design Day is calculated by calculating how many people will visit the park in peak season and how many will actually be there at peak times of the day. 

This number tells you how large everything should be, from the size and layout of the walkways to parking lots. It also tells you how many entertainment units are needed. How many stores and restaurants you'll require.

This feasibility study will be used by the money men to determine if you're going to make a lot of money at the park or go broke. 

Two key factors are important here: the total annual attendance and the per-capita income that you can expect from each guest. This will depend on the type of attraction you offer and how long your guests can stay entertained. 

A large theme park like Universal Studios or Magic Kingdom will have more attractions than one day. This means that you can charge more for tickets and guests will spend more money on food and merchandise. It works the opposite way at a smaller park.

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