The Use of Solar Pool Covers – Solar Blankets for Your Swimming Pool

Are solar pool covers really that effective? Many people believe that solar pools cover work when the conditions are right. Solar pool covers, also known as solar blankets, are designed to heat your pool during winter and night. 

The conditions must be perfect for the solar blanket’s effectiveness, as stated above. The solar pool covers absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the pool. This will allow you to swim at night with the water still warm. You can get  pool covers from 

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Solar blankets are made to absorb maximum sunlight. It has air pockets that absorb heat efficiently and is tinted in blue. The pool should receive at least five hours of sunshine each day to get the maximum benefit from the solar pool covers.

After 5 hours, the water can heat up to 1 degree. The water will continue to heat up every day if it is exposed to the sun. Solar blankets can trap heat during the night when the water is still cool. This helps to keep the water warm at night. This is great as it not only keeps the water warm but also prevents chemicals from vaporizing.

However, not all pool owners have a solar pool cover. Either they don’t know the benefits or don’t want to do more work on their pool. Solar covers are a great way to save money on heating your pool. 

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