The Tips to Identify Leading Family Office Companies

While it is best to meet potential investors in person, everyone wants to work for family-owned companies. So how can you find the right firms near your office? The following strategies will help you identify these firms:

Within a two hour flight from your home, you can attend every local investor, wealth management, and investment association. Keep an eye out for FOs that you may know.

To find more leads, search within your FO directory in your state and near locations.

You can search the internet for family office money management in Switzerland, RIA, and other directories to find out if any of these advisors work in a well-known FO.

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  • If you meet large investors or wealth managers, it is a good idea to meet them in person. Get to know them and make plans to become business acquaintances.
  • Although the industry is heavily focused on numbers and performance, people still enjoy doing business with friends. Keep this in mind when you set up meetings or have conversations. While being professional, be more human than others.

These tips will help you identify and begin working with high-net worth wealth management companies or family offices. This is often the first step in getting connected. If you are able to overcome this obstacle and secure just five investments from these investors, you might be able to make a great career. It's worth it. Good luck.

Bottom line: If you're trying to raise capital for family offices, you will be more efficient if your time is spent building relationships rather than creating your Family Office Database.

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