The Best Indoor Venues in Jamaica

We have all heard of events that can be canceled or postponed because of the weather and remembering the climate we have here in Jamaica, we never know when it will rain.

The easiest way to ensure that your event will not be affected by erratic weather is by hosting in indoor places. Fortunately, in Kingston, there are several indoor places that accommodate indoor events.

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Round Hill Event Spaces, Jamaica - Prestigious Venues

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Here, we recommend indoor places to organize events such as weddings and birthday parties:

Knutsford Court Hotel:

Location: 85 Chelsea Avenue, Kingston 5

The central location offers two entrances, the Knutsford Court Hotel also has our seal approval for the best location for indoor events. Along with seven individual conference rooms/functions they have, they are known for the Blue Mountain Suite, the top floor of the banquet room overlooking the lush garden yard.

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel:

Location: 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5

Very close to Wyndham Hotel, Jamaica Pegasus is also located for easy access. They have various when it comes to choosing an indoor location. Their Grand Jamaica room, similar to the Grand Independence of Wyndham Ballroom, can be divided into smaller rooms. They also have one of our favorites, Talk of the Town on the 17th floor, which provides beautiful views of the city.

Devonshire, Devon House:

Location: 26 Harapan Road, Kingston 10

The Devonshire is a beautiful place that surrounds a small garden and a pool that can be seen from all rooms. With the choice to stay in the room or move around outside the house, you can have the best of both worlds and don’t need to worry about how the weather will affect your event.

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