The Benefits of the Vinegar Nematode

The vinegar nematode includes a lot of advantages to additional types of nematodes. There are four common kinds of nematodes in similar size ranges which can be fed to fish and bake as foods that are live. These include microworms, banana worms, and Walter's worms, and vinegar eels. Microworms, banana worms, and Walter's worms are typically grown in a medium of grain, usually oatmeal, corn meal, baby cereal, or mashed potatoes. Yet, vinegar eels have four chief advantages on these other nematodes.

To start with they have now grown in vinegar. When lots of men and women dislike the smell of apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar that they do not ever smell different than that. On the flip side, one other kind of nematode can smell awful. In actuality, the older they get, the worse they smell. With the years they reach the point at which they smell horrible. In the event, the cultures go bad then a smell is much worse and can make your gut feel upset. You can also get more information on nematodes via

Next, it needs to be said that vinegar eels are easy. Microworms and other nematodes frequently require that you add food around once each week. Then after a few weeks, they need to get started over. This is sometimes time-consuming, especially in case you've got large cultures or a number of those. On the flip side, the vinegar eel culture just wants a little food added to it once a month and it will persist for a minimum of three months, but often up to six.

These benefits make them appealing to many other than the micro worms, banana worms, or Walter's worms. These easy to keep cultures might be set up placed aside, and pulled out when you want them. A starter culture of the vinegar nematode is inexpensive, of course, if you begin a normal new culture you're going to have the ability to maintain them forever.


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