Avocado Oil – Making Homemade Soap

Avocado, Persea Americana, is pear-shaped fruit grown on a flowering tree in Central Mexico. It has a tough, scaly, dark green to purple-colored flesh. It is often called the "alligator pear" from its appearance. Inside this fruit is a single hard seed.

Unrefined oil differs in weight and color compared to refined oil. Unrefined oil is heavier and dark green in color. Refined oil is lighter and yellowish-green. Unrefined oil provides more health benefits than refined because it contains more avocado fruit.

The shelf life of refined oil will last longer than unrefined. On average, the shelf life is one year. It may become cloudy in cooler temperatures but return to normal in warmer temperatures. You can buy avocado oil at https://seoc.com.au/products/coconut-oil-refined-certified-organic-aco.


What is so special about Avocado Oil for making homemade soap? It is used as a super fatting oil, (reducing the lye amount used allowing extra oils to moisturize). It is highly therapeutic, conditioning, healing, moisturizing, soothing, and regenerating!

This oil benefits dry flaky skin, sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, sun-damaged, age spots, and scars. It deeply penetrates, boosts collagen production, and smoothes skin. Combine it with Shea Butter for a super-rich formulation for dry skin.


Avocado Oil mildly cleanses, conditions, and provides a creamy stable lather. This creamy lather, with very small bubbles, is moisturizing for skin. For fluffy lather, with big bubbles, add lathering soap-making oil like coconut or palm kernel. Avocado oil, alone, will not produce fluffy, bubbly, lather. Use it in your homemade soap recipe for a creamy texture.