Different Ways To Use Sea Moss Gel

Sea moss gel might seem unappetizing but it is quite simple to include in your diet. From jam to smoothies, to Ice cream it can be used in many delicious culinary recipes. You can even make it into an eye mask to boost your beauty. There are endless ways to enjoy the numerous advantages of this super-weapon for wellness.

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Here are some different ways to use organic sea moss gel:

  • Smoothies

The smoothies may be the simplest way to drink sea moss. Simply blend the gel by dropping it in around 2 tablespoons to get the optimal results. It can be mixed with any combination of fruits and veggies you'd like, since sea moss has no flavor and can be paired with everything.

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  • Ice Cream

Treat yourself to an Ice cream made from sea moss. All you require is frozen bananas chopped into pieces and sea moss gel and any milk that is plant-based. Blend all of it together and you'll have an all-vegan concoction that is as delicious and squishy as normal frozen ice cream. You can customize your frozen treat using chocolate powder, strawberries, or whatever flavor you like.

  • Plain Or Chocolate Milk

The vegans and the vegetarians adore the nutritious plant-based milk made with sea moss. Blend the nuts you like best, such as cashews, brazil nuts or walnuts using filtered water to make nut milk. Add sea moss gel to your blender, making it more delicious. You can also add cocoa powder in order to make plain milk chocolate delicious.

  • Face Mask

Enjoy the ultimate facial treatment by creating a sea moss facial mask yourself. Sea moss is a great source of collagen which improves the elasticity of your skin and also the hydration.