Tips To Caring For A New Tattoo

You finally got the tattoo you've always wanted, but are you thinking well after taking care of it? Getting a tattoo means paying special attention to your skin for at least two weeks afterward. Are you wondering how to do it? Follow tips given below.

Apply a thin layer of moisturizer

Applying a thin layer of moisturizer will ensure that your skin doesn't itch or dry out in and around the tattoo area. We recommend using something soothing like a body lotion that will moisturize and cool your skin thanks to the aloe vera content. If you’re looking for more information about moisturizer for tattoo check this out.

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Wash the tattoo carefully

Your tattoo artist will ask you to leave the camouflage on for about 5-6 hours. When you're done, gently peel off the coating and wash off with warm water and a mild body wash or shower gel.

Don't get exposed to the sun

Even after your tattoo has healed, you should protect it from direct sunlight, as the sun can easily fade your tattoo. Even when you go out, make sure to apply sunscreen to your tattoo. 

Don't scratch

As your tattoo begins to heal, it may feel a little itchy. Even if you are tempted, make sure you don't scratch the tattoo or you could damage the ink and fade your tattoo. Keep in mind that this itching will only last a few weeks, so try to control yourself as much as possible.