Why An Electronic Security System Is Better Than Ancient Defenses In Australia?

A burglar alarm is a popular fixture in many homes. The comforting, yet shrill tone that sounds as the homeowner walks through the door provides a reassurance that all is well and that the electronic sentinel is vigilantly guarding the premises.

The busyness of turning off the alarm so that life at home continues to run normally without free police visits is a ritual that instills a sense of security. There are many electronic security companies available that provide the best security services. 

Before electronic security systems, homeowners had to defend their homes with pitchforks and swords, and later with firearms and other weapons. Even today, in remote and primitive areas, physical violence is often used to prevent intruders from entering.

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High walls lined with deadly teeth and holes, deep moats, and sturdy gates that included multiple cameras were also used to fend off determined assailants.

Even though these ancient methods were primitive, they were at least quite effective. Killing the perpetrator tends to prevent a recurrence. But vigilance also leads to a more barbaric society.

When homeowners kill or injure intruders who try to enter, it sets a precedent for violence, and eventually, society collapses into anarchism or a system run by a military leader. In addition, manual methods of prevention and distraction (such as severe trauma or solvent overheating) usually require a personal touch.

This means that they cannot be armed in the absence of the owner of the house. This is not a problem if the purpose of this defense is to prevent organized conquest of the fort and the surrounding land, but less conducive to the modern goal of leaving the house uninhabited for several hours each day while food is provided.