Home Warranty – How It Helps The New Owner

Faulty appliances will be the last thing that you would expect to see just after weeks of purchasing your new home. This will surely ruin all your happiness let alone the expenses that you have to bear to fix it. Definitely after spending so much money in buying your new home spending money for fixing the appliances will surely be quite an expense for you. However as an owner you can always avoid any such circumstances by covering your new home under the home protection plan via http://priorityhomewarranty.com/

Just like any electronic item that you purchase comes with an extended warranty period wherein if there is any malfunction in the appliance or if it stops working then all you have to do is take it back to the store and the concerned company either repairs it or replaces it. Similarly under home warranty if any appliance goes faulty after your purchase of the property then the representative of the service provider will visit your home and they will fix the item either by repairing it or replacing it with a new one if it stops working.

Most of the time the real estate agent gives the home warranty as a gift to the buyer at the time of closing so that the buyer is not troubled by any malfunction of the appliances in his new home. Sometimes the seller too bears the cost of home warranty so that he is not troubled by the buyer once the deal is complete. Usually the services are prepaid for a year and after that the policy expires and it has to be renewed which the buyer can do eventually.

Home warranty plans are pretty inexpensive and also come with discounts and special offers round the year.