The Traditional Buddhist Funeral

Buddhism is a religion based on many different beliefs, but one thing that all Buddhists agree on is giving the deceased a proper funeral. 

Buddhist funerals can be a very solemn affair, with many people in traditional dress and many rituals. Here's a look at what goes on at a traditional Buddhist funeral. If you want to know more about buddhist funeral you can also check this site 

The service usually starts with chanting and prayers. The body is then usually placed in a casket or other container and taken to the funeral home for cremation or burial. There may be a procession of cars following the casket, with mourners lining the streets.

Many Buddhists believe that dying is just another step on the path to enlightenment, and that funerals are a chance to pay respects to the deceased person's soul.

A Buddhist funeral usually includes a cremation, a meal and a talk given by the monk or nun who conducted the funeral. While there are many variations of what goes into a Buddhist funeral package, most include some sort of memorial service or meditation session.

A Buddhist funeral may be a more fitting way to say goodbye to a loved one than a traditional funeral.  Buddhists believe in an afterlife and that each person reincarnates, so there is no need to grieve excessively over a deceased person.  A Buddhist funeral is also mindful of the environment and does not generate unnecessary waste.