Engineering Business – 3 More Keys to Marketing Success

Many engineers have no clue how to market their services. Marketing is not something they teach in engineering school. Ask any engineer how they market their services, and they would probably say word of mouth.

Do not get me wrong word of mouth is probably one of the best marketing tools; it is inexpensive and someone else is vouching for you. But there are many other marketing strategies that also are inexpensive and will help your business grow no matter what the market conditions are.

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Top Skills of a Successful Field Engineer Avaso

As we said in our first article on engineering marketing most engineers are really good on the technical end of the business, but so good at the business end. Most engineers rather crunch the numbers and write the report than pick up the phone and talk to a new prospective client. In our first article, we discussed two key marketing strategies.

Key 1: Personal Contact

Key 2: Networking

This article will discuss three more marketing strategies that you can implement that will get results.

Key 3: Business Cards – There is more to a business card than your company name, phone number, and your name. The smallest business brochure is the business card. Business cards are a form of marketing, but the purpose is merely for starting communication.

This communication can begin with introductions during a meeting at a City conference room meeting, or it begins when an individual is looking through his stack of cards to find a Civil Engineer. He finds your card which he received a year ago at a seminar. The simple rule for business cards is to keep them simple but descriptive enough.