All About Direct Fed Microbials

Direct-fed microbial products can improve microflora in the gut, but they are more effective when used on the farm.

Most often, direct-fed microbials are added to a calf’s liquid diet. It is not possible to switch from direct-fed microbials with pelleted food because of the high temperatures and pressures involved in pelleting. To get more details about direct fed microbials you may check it here.

direct fed microbials

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Organisms : Direct-fed microbial products are used as feed additives for animals.

Some products can be used as a replacement for food, while others can be used as gels or pastes. Some products may contain purified strains of specific organisms. Most products are a mixture of different species of yeast and bacteria.

Fungi : Feeding rates for fungi range from one to two grams per day to several ounces.

Considerations when using direct fed microbials on farm

Selection of strains. The majority of published research was done with specific strains or in limited combinations Of bacteria. Modern direct-fed microbial products often contain a combination of multiple bacteria and yeast.

It is difficult to identify which organism contributes to a better response. Different strains of Specific organisms, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, may react differently to different strains of intestinal environment.

Water. Viability of directly-fed microbes may be affected by water's temperature, chlorination, and mineral content.

Mixing with milk substitute. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to include milk replacer.

High water temperatures, especially in the veal sector, may cause death from some milk-replacer formulas.