Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production

The companies like BosterBio has provided custom polyclonal antibody production service for more than four decades. Their experience includes using many different hosts to develop polyclonal antibodies, including the most common New Zealand white rabbit. If you are looking for a custom rabbit polyclonal antibody visit for details.

With their personalized antibody service, you can control the formation of antibodies needed for testing. The experts help you design and synthesize your antigenic peptides. The KLH conjugated antigen is the starting point of your antibody development program. If you choose to use recombinant protein as primary antigen, our experience in expressing recombinant protein based on bacteria and insects will ensure antigen production for immunization and screening regimens.

Their list includes services, advice, production of protein peptides or antigens, antibody formation, purification and conjugation of reporter molecules. In combination, these services form the basis for the manufacture of personalized antibody reagents that can be used to perform the desired immunoassay. Customers can only produce antiserum or perform purification and so on.

Specific steps for making antibodies

Each stage is optional as we offer a truly personalized antibody service and we strive to meet all your specific needs. We are confident that we can support your specific antibody development requirements.

  • Preparation of the PAB antigen
  • Development of PAB antibodies
  • Purification of PAB from antibodies
  • PAB antibody conjugation