Crepe Making Is An Art

Crepe is one of the best-prepared dishes in the world. Everyone says they can make pancakes, but some pancakes are always better than others. That means not everyone knows how to make great pancakes.

Making a crepe is an art form. It should be given as a basic lesson in art academies as there are many secrets and intricacies. The best crepes are those that are soft and savory on the inside and crunchy on the outside. You can buy the best crepe-making tool to make the crepe.

How to make crepes in a regular skillet - Julia's Album

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To make the shell crispier and tastier, you can sprinkle sugar on top before cooking. This sugar melts when it hits the hot pan and gives the bowl a caramel flavor, but if you sprinkle too much sugar, it can burn and ruin the crepe.

The most important piece of equipment we need is a special crepe pan. We could also use a regular crepe maker, but that takes the art out of crepe production. Our oven should have a very fine setting.

At first, it would burn like the mouth of a volcano and towards the end, it would give off a hint of warmth like a summer morning breeze. Your eggs and milk should be at the same temperature as the kitchen in which you are making your masterpiece.

You will also need to sift the flour so that each grain breathes and separates from the other.

Some crepe masters add bottled water while others use yeast. You need to try everything that you observe from the masters and decide which one is more suitable for you. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Each error is information that completes your experience. There are crepe masters in the world who try to make the perfect crepe even after 40 or 50 years.

Write down everything you did except your previous crepes. That way, when you reach perfection, you will know what you are doing right.