Rum Recipes – The History of Rum Distillation

For those of you who have their favorite rum recipe and are enjoying rum cocktails, you can't sit back often and ponder the history of this extraordinary eclectic spirit. 

Rum is one of the earliest alcoholic drinks that is believed to have existed since ancient times. Although sparkling rum punch was first distilled in plantations in the 17th century, it is believed to have been the drink of choice for the Malays for thousands of years.

The earliest recorded distillation of rum took place when plantation slaves realized that a sugar byproduct known as molasses could become a form of alcohol. However, this alcohol was not well received, at least at first. 

Rum's early history was not a frenzied success story, and alcohol was initially seen as pretty nasty alcohol. Rum production grew rapidly, the first distillery was established on the current island of Staten, and others soon followed. 

The manufacturer had a passion for rum production. The aerospace industry is the largest industry in the region and the end product is widely considered to be the best in the country, even better than those imported from the Caribbean!

Rum is a spirit destined to occupy an important place in history – even in the darker parts of history. Rum was essential to the development of the slave trade in the new colonies, because slaves, molasses, and rum were part of the so-called trade triangle.