What to Look For in a Surrey’s Landscaping Company

The first thing to determine when looking for a landscaping company is whether their primary concern is to improve and protect the environment. You should have a solid understanding of "green" design methods. Ultimately, they can be responsible for both plant and human health problems. Landscaping companies in Surrey BC need to know how to keep their plants healthy, not rely on toxic chemicals, and use as little water as possible.

Determine whether the company is building solid ground or not. The company should conduct a soil test before planning begins and then prepare the soil well by adding compost and other enrichment materials. Check to see if the company knows about the newest and most environmentally friendly way to mow the lawn. Do they use gas mowers? Or do they opt for a mulch or cylinder mower that makes the environment cleaner?

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Businesses should also annually “mulch” garden beds with leaves, bark, or compost to retain moisture and prevent erosion. Ask the company what type of fertilizer they use: slow-release fertilizers last longer and don't overfeed the plant. Your landscaping company should be the one to take the existing landscape into account when planning a design.

You should be aware of the natural plants and grasses that grow in your garden and use them for optimal growth. Companies should use native plants that thrive in the environment and provide you with plant options that are naturally more resistant to insects and other pests. Determine if the company respects the environment by using drought-resistant crops to conserve water.