Right Manufacturer For Activewear

Unless your goal is to manufacture your product or license it, you need to find a manufacturer who can produce your product. You will need someone who can make your product cheaply and efficiently, regardless of whether you're contract manufacturing, private label selling, or forming partnerships.

Be sure to know the production term of your product. You need to know whether the product is made from thermoset plastic, extruded plastic, or machined, stamped, and many other terms that can be used to distinguish between different methods of making products. Hover over the site  to search for the best manufacturing for activewear.


Without being able to accurately describe the manufacturing process, it will be difficult to find the right manufacturer. These groups can help you find the right manufacturer if you don't have the name of the process.

  • You can find your local inventors club on the Inventor's Digest site. These clubs usually meet monthly and often have prototypes or engineers present who can help you understand how to make your product.

  • The local SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). These people can often help you identify the type of production that your product requires.

  • The local small business development centre. Your local organization can usually direct you to another person if they are unable to identify the process.

You can then see if these companies are a good match for you. If companies refuse to quote you, don't get discouraged. Keep calling until you find one who wants your business.