Solutions To Fix Blocked Stormwater Drains

Storm drain obstructions can lead to bad odors that can stress you and the people around. These simple tips will help reduce future problems.

Fine drain filters should be placed over all the sinks. This will keep larger, more problematic debris from getting into the drain. You can also seek professional help for cleaning blocked stormwater drains.

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Although it is good to occasionally use a drain cleaner, excessive usage can cause damage and even death. To make your routine more consistent, pour boiling water into each sink.

Do not dump grease down the sink. They can easily re-solidify. You should wait until the grease solidifies before disposing of it. If necessary, you can wash it with hot water and detergent.

Plumbing professionals

Professional plumbers are available to help you identify the cause of your blockage. A camera is placed in the drain to quickly find the source of the problem, and save you the cost of unnecessary maintenance. This is especially useful for basic plumbing issues like storm drains and blocked tree roots.

There are two common techniques professionals use:

Electric Eel

This motorized device is also known as the "Sewer Snake". It spins a coil made of metal and cuts through more difficult obstructions. It collects hair and dirt. It is very popular among professionals but it is not recommended to be used by hobbyists as it can cause damage to pipes.

Jet Blasting

This device is ideal for large sewer blockages. It sends water through the drainage system to remove dirt and debris.

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