Is Hinduism a religion or a philosophy?

Hinduism has been a religion for over 2,000 years and it is one of the world's largest religions. Hindus believe in many gods and goddesses and they also have a set of scriptures known as the Vedas. Hinduism is based on principles such as karma and reincarnation. Hindus use online oratorical activities to teach their religion to others.

Religious and Practical Theories of the Internet

The articles in this section focus on Hinduism and the way it is practiced online. The first article,

Hindu studies online “A Quick Tour of the Digital and Virtual Worlds of Hinduism" provides an overview of what Hinduism is, including information about its religious and spiritual practices. 

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The second article, "The Power of the Internet for Hindu Devotees" discusses how Hindus use the internet to connect with one another and learn about their faith. 

The third article,, "Taming the Beast: How Hindus Use Technology to Practice Yoga" looks at how Hindus use technology to practice yoga, a physical and mental discipline. 

How the Web is Used

Hinduism is one of the oldest and most popular religions on the Internet. There are numerous websites and blogs devoted to Hinduism, providing information on theology, worship practices, and daily life. Hindus use the Internet to connect with other Hindus around the world and to learn about Hindu beliefs. They also use the Web to find resources for their spiritual practice and to access news and information about religious trends


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