How To Choose The Best Email Management Software

It's a well-known fact that customers are more likely to buy products from a brand if they have more exposure to their sales messages. According to statistics, customers require reminders up to seven times before making the purchase decision. 

This and the fact that email marketing is the most popular way to market online makes it essential to invest in good email management software. In this reference, you can hire a Knowledgemill Mail Manager to manage your every email.

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Import and Export of Databases

Check to see if the software has export and import capabilities. If you already have subscriber lists, you should be able to import them into the import feature. The export feature should allow you to export your subscriber lists to make backups or use them in conjunction with other applications.

Sign up and unsubscribe

Subscribers should be able to subscribe or unsubscribe using the email management software. These options should be available online as well as in the newsletter.

Subscription verification

This feature is useful in email management software. It allows users who have just subscribed to confirm that they want to sign up for the newsletter. This helps to prevent users from subscribing to the newsletter who might not be interested. 

Bouncing Address Removal

Sometimes the email newsletter bounces back and does not reach its intended recipient. This could happen if the subscriber's address has changed or if they have not updated their subscription. 



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