Get The Best Hardscape Solutions for Your Yard In Surrey

In landscaping, hardscape features are considered to be any part of a garden that's not plant based. This means patios, sheds, walls and steps are all considered to be hardscape, along with buildings and other structures. 

While most people think of rolling green lawns, beautiful flowers and shaped hedges when it comes to landscaping, hardscape landscaping in Surrey can provide a useful and interesting counterpoint. 

hardscape landscaping surrey

Here are some of the best hardscape ideas for your home.

  • Patio:

Patios are probably the most common type of hardscape. The primary function of a patio is to create a space for tables, chairs and other furniture that's level with the rest of the garden. 

There are a number of options when choosing a patio design, including the type of material used, the size of the slabs and the overall size of the patio. Common patio materials include concrete, brick and large fieldstones.

  • Gazebo

A gazebo can be an attractive way to provide some shelter in the garden, but is also often used by professionals to link the hardscape and softscape features. As with any type of structure, there are numerous designs of gazebo available, so take your time when selecting the right one for your garden.

There are a number of other hardscape options that you may want to consider for your garden. When adding any type of hardscape to a garden it's important to consider its functional value as well as its aesthetic merits.

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