Dog Daycare Center in Chapel Hill

During the past five years, the pet care industry has experienced explosive growth. One of the areas that have seen the highest growth is the dog daycare sector. Pet parents have been increasingly providing their pets with the same social outlets and care activities as they do their human children.

Pets have and go to birthday parties, give and receive gifts from one another and have friends and play buddies. And, pet parents enroll their dogs in daycare, just as they would a human child.

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They drop them off on the way to work and pick them up at the end of the day. They ask for report cards of how they are doing and what they have learned today. It is not uncommon to hear questions such as: "who did she play with today?", "Did she eat her lunch?" and "who is her best friend?"

Dog daycare which was once thought of as a luxury for the more economically gifted has been adopted by all segments of consumer groups. Nowadays, the economic boundaries are blurred and the only common thread among pet parents that use dog daycare services is that they are" concerned" or "conscientious" pet parents.

However, as the 2008 economic slowdown continues to stretch the wallets of consumers of all socio-economic strata, the question of whether dog daycare is a necessity or a luxury will increasingly need to be answered. 

This cost can be well worth the price depending on your situation. For example, if you have a young puppy who is learning how to be housebroken, dog daycare is a great way to keep your pup on track with having access to relief himself during those long days you are at work.

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