All You Need To Know About UKCA Marking And Training In UK

The new term "UKCA" means "UK Conformity Assessed" and is the new product certification system that must now be used for manufactured products sold in England, Wales, and Scotland. Due to ongoing economic negotiations over the Northern Ireland Protocol, the UKCA trademark cannot be used alone to identify products sold there.

New brands can be used in the same way as existing brands, but currently, products for Northern Ireland are still required to carry the CE mark. You can hire the ce marking adviser to pass a product that has been assessed by the manufacturer and deemed to meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

All products intended for sale in markets outside the UK must continue to bear this mark if they fall within the scope of the EU directive. Not all products follow the same guidelines (see exceptions below) but in general the UKCA marking rules are pretty much the same as the existing CE marking. 


All UKCA technical documentation must be carefully recorded and retained for at least 10 years after the product is released for review when required. These documents must demonstrate how the product was manufactured and that it complies with the relevant legal requirements. In addition, a UK declaration of conformity must be made, most of which correspond to the declarations previously required by the EU. 

The CE marking will continue to be accepted in the UK until the end of 2022 to allow sufficient time for manufacturers to adjust to the new system. You must use the UKCA Mark from 1 January 2023 but if UK and EU rules remain the same the CE Mark will remain in effect until then. If the EU decides to change the CE marking regulations and you mark your products under these new regulations, you will be prohibited from selling in the United Kingdom. 

Products marked with CE are not necessarily manufactured in the EEA. The mark simply confirms that they have been assessed by the competent body for compliance with EU directives. If the manufactured product has been approved by the authority, this means that the product can be legally placed on the EU market. 

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