All About NDIS Service Providers In Tasmania

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers financial assistance in the form of grants to Australians who are under 65 years old and live with a specific type of disability. This aged care funding begins when you reach the age of 65.

The NDIS is distinct from the Disability Support Pension, which provides an income supplement through Centrelink for those who are not able to work because of an impairment. The NDIS offers additional funding to cover expenses such as purchasing wheelchairs, or for various types of aid at home or on the streets. 

Registered NDIS providers could be businesses, individuals sole traders, or non-profit organizations. Registered providers include those that are recognised by the NDIS and to obtain their registration they must satisfy specific requirements set by the government. You can also find the best NDIS home care providers through Ontrack Tasmania.

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If your NDIS funds are managed via NDIA, the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) You can just use NDIS certified companies for support.

However If you manage your finances yourself or are working with a Plan Manager who manages your payment for you it is possible to collaborate with support providers that aren't registered.

The NDIS offers a variety of services, some at the home, while others are outside the home. There may be times when you need help in everyday tasks like personal grooming, food preparation, and household chores. 

You can make use of your NDIS funds to help with transportation to community, social and economic events or for healthcare or any other appointment. You can get assistance from your workplace which can help you obtain or keep employment, as well as to continue studies or further training.

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