All About Laser hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal, or subcutaneous hair removal, was done experimentally for about twenty years before it was officially launched in the 1990s. The laser method is known as photoepilation or phototrikolysis.


At the same time as laser, there is a hair removal method that uses a xenon flash that emits IPL (intense pulsed light). However, this is not a full laser treatment. Selective photothermolysis is the main idea of ​​laser hair removal. Lasers cause damage by overheating dark matter in areas that cause hair growth. Dark matter or chromophore absorbs laser processing more strongly than light. You can also find the best laser hair removal treatment in Hawaii via

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Laser-based treatments target one of three chromophores: carbon, which is placed artificially in the hair follicle; Hemoglobin, which gives blood its natural red color, and melanin – a dark pigment found in the skin, hair and eyes, etc. – the most important chromophore for laser treatment in America.

Lasers are useful for superficial skin treatments such as removing moles and tattoos because the target area is the same color and depth as the hair. Hair can also vary in diameter, depth and color. This irregularity makes treatment a little difficult. Hair of different widths is treated differently with lasers. Laser-based treatments are unlikely to be an effective antagonist for deep-rooted hair without overheating the superficial skin. The more melanin in the hair or the darker the hair, the more effective the laser treatment will be. 

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