A Quick Look at How Biotech Can Help Philadelphia

Having a biotech industry in Philadelphia has been a long-time goal of the city, and last week's announcement that they will be getting one is huge! This article discusses what you might know about the news but also goes into detail about how this new industry could improve the quality of life for residents.

What is biotech?

Biotech is the study of living organisms and their influence on the world. It has many applications, but one of the most common applications is in the pharmaceutical industry. In 2015, Philadelphia was ranked as one of the top 5 biotech cities in America. To learn more about the featured and latest news in biotech in Philadelphia, you can browse the web.

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What are the benefits of biotechnology? 

Biotechnology can help the city of Philadelphia in many ways. 

– Biotechnology is a rapidly growing field that can be used to find new drugs and technologies

– This can lower health care costs for companies and individuals

What will be happening in Philadelphia?

The City of Philadelphia is using a few different methods to put their city's sustainability in the spotlight. They will be making a list for all buildings in the city, with a score on how sustainable the building is. The city will also be pushing for more market gardens in areas that are not covered by forests.

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